Trust, but check – ways to catch in treason

Trust, but check - ways to catch in treason

It would seem that long ago the middle ages were over, when marriages were committed under duress, but this does not cancel out simply reckless deeds or marriage by calculation. These circumstances often cause divorce, the impetus for which were treason.

Trust, but check – a tip that today can embody almost everyone who wants to convict of a betrayal of their partner. NetMonitor determines the coordinates of the location of a particular device, which allows at any time to check where exactly the object of interest is located.

However, checking the wrong halves is not the only option provided by the program:

  • Will help control elderly parents who leave the house unexpectedly;
  • Children who go for a long time from school;
  • Employees whom the employer overly trusts.

The program has gained wide popularity due to universal opportunities:

  • Work with electronic gadgets of different generations;
  • Data processing from base stations;
  • WiFi or GPS service;
  • Synchronization of incoming information.

The software works even if the user has found the ability to replace a unique identifier, disconnect from CB messages, hide his MAC address or even replace navigation maps.

Another important feature of NetMonitor is the ability to navigate the route, coordinate employees, which is useful in the work of logistics companies or persons providing courier services.

To use the utility, you must download and install it. The interface assumes a multifaceted use: a list or individual packages.

For example, you are a member of a logistics company and urgently need help on an unfamiliar territory. You select a group of employees and start searching for the coordinates of each participant, automatically identifying the nearest who can be in a difficult situation. Direct communication with the employee will reduce the time for finding out the details and searching by radio or otherwise. Also the program will give details of the status of the activity (the phone is switched on, stay online, the last time to connect).

However, there are options for obtaining calendar reports for everyone who is on the contact list. Thus, the person in question even receives a script under supervision.

For those who prefer a graphical mode more visual aid, developers offer to use interactive maps. This option does not depend on what kind of device is the object of surveillance. The only inconvenience is the low accuracy of determining the coordinates for pioneer smartphones that do not have special functions.

In addition, the program allows you to determine with whom the object communicates more often. If some special features of utilities that provide confidentiality of conversations do not allow to overcome this barrier, it is quite possible to determine the coordinates of both contacts. Therefore, right now you can establish not just the fact of treason (or dishonest attitude), but also to find out the coordinates of the opponent.

The current version of NetMonitor supports multi-SIM devices to correct the route. For the sake of joking, you can download the program and determine the location of your own phone on the second or third number, some of which may belong to different operators.

Today, the main problems that are present in the pioneer versions of the software are solved: the screen lock does not interfere; The autoregister on Samsung functions in normal mode; Improved menu for MTK platforms.