The program for determining the location

Программа для определения местоположения

Any electronic device requires software support, to provide a single bond between him and the user. Besides smartphone equipped with GPS-module, it is required to locate the program for locating of satellite navigation person.

Selection software

Determine which utility to use is not just for a particular purpose. A variety of software on the internet, sometimes puts the user into a dead end, forcing dozens to try applications before settling on one particular.

The same situation arises when it becomes a matter of choice program for the location phone. To simplify the procedure, it is easier to install some classical criteria:

  • free distribution;
  • cross-platform, important because of the diversity of OS mobile devices;
  • versatility, backed by excellent functionality;
  • information content and ease of interface.

These are the basic principles of selection, almost any software product for mobile devices.

Net Monitor – program positioning at the number that meets all the above criteria. Download this application is absolutely free from our portal. Just download, as well as follow-up work with the program, does not require registration, deposit or sending SMS messages.

Indiscreet possibility modest utility

The undoubted advantage of the application is its multiplatform. The application is compatible with all mobile devices, supports devices with multiple SIM cards. Along with the basic option – the definition of which is a person, a software product has the following features:

  • monitoring of GSM / CDMA cellular networks;
  • displaying information on the current cell, as well as the neighboring stations, including network type and signal strength;
  • providing a database of WiFi access points, displays a list of wireless connections that are available to the user;
  • the output switching between cells on the map, or log files;
  • recording information in a file.

GPS Utility supports a protocol on the basis of which can be precisely locating the program on your smartphone number, its owner. In this case, the error geographical coordinates can not be more than 5 meters.

Informative interface is not accompanied by excessive congestion

Working with NetMonitor, the user has the option to display the requested information as text data, tables, graphs. For better orientation in the area, the output of base stations of cellular networks, as well as WiFi wireless internet access points, made on the local map.

Using Google, as a cartographer, a map does most informative, with details of the landscape, as well as the exact location of important buildings, up to the houses. This mapping ensures that the phone’s location to determine the program will not only position, but also help to choose the best route to the subscriber.

In the absence of the GSM module in the mobile device, using data from both the base stations of cellular operator, as well as the parameters localizing the location of the caller on the WiFi network. Their combination allows the most accurate determination of the program by number corresponding to the location of smartphone users.

Not the least factor for choosing the NetMonitor, is the feedback from users, organized by the developer tools.