Mobile phone location program

Программа местоположения мобильного телефона

One of the commonplaces of conversation phrases on the phone is likely to be irrelevant in the near future. It is about the expression “Where are you?”, Which has already been successfully replaces the program locating the mobile phone number.

The idea of ​​the geographical localization of the subscriber, appeared almost simultaneously with the mobile phones. However, its actual implementation initially prevented the weak development of the network: poor coverage, concentrated near the big cities and administrative centers, and as a result, an insufficient number of communication towers.

Localization service subscriber in the space of a blessing or a violation of privacy rights

Undoubtedly, the question is more categorical. However, there are reasons. Today, find a person by cell phone is difficult only at the poles: Arctic Antarctica and large deserts. But even there stretches its tentacles satellite navigation. The GPS system is supported by the software package NetMonitor, – at the same time man’s best friend and the enemy of his privacy.

Even to sit quietly in a fish off, having covered jobs involving all hands at work, is no longer possible – the program for mobile location by all means. Disabling the device will cause suspicion. Therefore, NetMonitor downloading from our website absolutely free of charge, it is worth considering that your privacy is threatened.

The application works with any mobile device

The rest of the utility fails. Despite the diversity of operating systems, the program is no embarrassment for Android systems and IOS, Symbian or Windows. Small temporary restrictions present in the application, are not associated with the NetMonitor algorithm, and the specifics of the manufacturer. For example, Samsung phones occasionally not displayed signal strength. It compensates for a fact that the main function of the program to the location of the mobile device performs within the margin of error and most informative.

This is confirmed by an additional set of functions:

  • displaying information about the type of network and signal level;
  • output current location station and neighbor cells on the card;
  • a WiFi network information on the basis of regularly updated database, the location of the wireless Internet access points;
  • preservation of the log in the CLF file containing information about the location of base stations, or KML – for displaying objects on Google Earth.

Thus, the program of mobile phone location has all the facilities to supplement the local coordinates of the display on the map.

How accurately determine the coordinates of the caller

The answer to this question is determined by the physical parameters of the mobile device, namely, the presence of modules: WiFi and GPS. For devices that do not have these functions, positioning by number the software it produces on the basis of the coordinates of the base station. This method has a low accuracy of the results with a range of hundreds of meters to kilometers.

More precisely, you can locate a user when connected to a WiFi network. Errors of this technique further reduces the base station location registration. However, the most accurate information program for mobile phone location via GPS only gives the module. In this case the error does not exceed a few meters.

Therefore, going fishing, bring your phone model, which has long been written off as a museum piece. Otherwise, the latest technology is easily indicate your true location.