How to hide your phone from the location?

How to hide your phone from the location?

The more active wireless connections develop, the more serious are the problems of confidentiality. Since the person of the most advanced smartphone can be subject to surveillance, both from federal services and simple hackers hacking WiFi connections is quite simple. In addition, mobile operators, providers can also make a hand in spying on the user.

You can hide, but not forever and not from all

The simplest 2G connection allows you to track the coordinates of the object by the location of the base station towers, knowing only the mobile device number or its unique identifier (IMEI).

Special IMSI traps have been developed for phones of international standards, using which the location of the device is determined in a similar way. Hiding from the calculation of your own stay in a certain area is possible only by turning off the phone.

On the other hand, federal services, bribe takers or hackers using the NetMonitor program can obtain information about a person in this way. Therefore, if you are hiding from a jealous wife, and she is not too versed in programming, there’s nothing to worry about.

The situation is quite different if you actively use built-in GPS or WiFi modules, as well as 3 G and 4G communications. In addition to the usual way to determine the location of an object using GSM, the following features are added:

  • Computing the MAC address;
  • Search by GPS;
  • Hacking of electronic devices.

Here it is impossible to ignore the fact that the MAC address or IMEI can be faked. The map of GPS, even in real time, too, is replaced, the application of these opportunities was vividly demonstrated by the game Pokemon Gow. But to find a suitable software is not easy, and unlike software capabilities to create absolute privacy of data transmission, keeping the coordinates of the phone secretly is almost impossible.

This is due to the emergence of a universal software that tracks the compliance of WiFi and the included electronic device, even with the forged IMEI. This function can also be performed by NetMonitor.

The choice between confidentiality and unidentified communication

Therefore, if the user wants to hide the phone, for the sake of truth it is necessary to look for a utility that would forge every time the specified attributes and use new numerical values ​​each time. In addition, your friends would have to do exactly the same thing. Since the search for programs at the user’s location is initiated, both from the incoming and outgoing calls. And even if such a software exists, its use in real conditions is not possible.

This absolute confidentiality of phone conversations is also considered a serious obstacle to hiding the location of the device. All types of cryptography make their own adjustments in the software. Therefore, installing additional utilities is difficult and dangerous for the security of the phone / privacy of communication.

When it is useful to know the coordinates of friends and relatives

Given the listed features of modern software, its weak links, today there are reasons to believe that NetMonitor is an excellent helper for those who are interested in anonymous tracking of the phone’s location. For example, a child, a wife, sometimes elderly parents who tend to walk alone alone.

The program remains on guard of corporate interests, where managers want to have accurate data on the movements of employees during working hours. Additionally, NetMonitor is used as a guide for those who are lost in a big city. With its help and navigation applications you can arrange an excellent rally for friends who went on a trip.