How to convict of treason?

How to convict of treason?

Although it is believed that mobile communication is designed to improve the quality of communication, a person often becomes socially dependent on his electronic device. Programs like anti-collector can protect us from bribe-takers, unknown users, just people from the blacklist. However, it is always necessary to stay in touch with the employees of the company, home, friends.

The appearance of software that determines the coordinates regardless of the device model

Many have become accustomed to this and no longer represent a different life, but for some of the suspicious persons there are excellent prospects for catching a second half in treason. Consider the features of the NetMonitor program.

This work of the utility depends on the settings of the phone, as well as its functionality, it determines the position of the device to the accuracy of square meters. For those who do not know how to convict his wife of treason – this is an excellent chance: to get an accurate answer to the question posed. It’s enough to download and run the application using your own smartphone or Apple. The program on the phone number of the spouse will determine the place of her position. The coordinate data will be more accurate if you have WiFi or GPS installed.

All data will be sent to the utility interface. Competently using its settings, the user gets a chance to track not only the actual location of the phone, but even its movements over the last period of time (week, month).

“How to convict a husband of treason?” – think women who always feel the rival’s presence. The program NetMonitor works for people of different sex, the main thing though is a little understanding of how Internet connections work, mobile applications, and are able to download and install software directly from our site.

The utility is universal and that’s why: you can catch the change in the change regardless of which phone is used:

  • Pioneer models of mobile devices with a minimum of functions;
  • Modern smartphones or iPhones;
  • Upgraded versions equipped with scrambling or even cryptophones.

Ensure confidentiality of communication is possible, but you can not hide the subscriber’s location. Therefore, the question of how to convict a wife of treason today is limited only by the ability of a person to use the actual software.

But there are a number of limitations, to determine the coordinates of a person using an outdated model is obtained with a large margin of error. If the object of the search is in a cafe, but says that on the contrary, it will not be possible to bring it out to clean water so quickly. The utility of the utility for older models is limited to the operation of base stations that process information at the request of the requesting party and provide very approximate results.

Therefore, if you have not yet figured out how to catch a husband on treason, it’s probably time to give him a brand new smartphone that you can not simply refuse. Then the chances of catching the traitor will greatly increase.

Still want to convict his wife of treason?

However, even if you can not replace the old model, you can use record protocols and track all areas where the activity of a particular number was observed. The option of substituting a unique identifier is not provided for by the program, but then dropping the phone out of the network will also be indirect evidence in an attempt to deceive.

Private detectives, possess a little more capabilities and with the help of special IMSI traps, will be able to confirm or deny the version of treason. To do this, they, using the program and the target software, travel to the area where the facility is located and calculate a more accurate location.

However, old phones are rare, meanwhile a fake unique identifier on a new model is meaningless, since then we would have to use advanced software (which also needs to be synchronized) for falsifying MAC addresses and for changing navigation maps.