GPS location

Местоположение по GPS

Satellite navigation has entered quickly into the modern human life. Most recently serving as routers in vehicles, GPS modules are quickly migrated to mobile devices. The main reason for this – high accuracy, determine GPS location you can with an accuracy of a few meters.

This opens up new perspectives in the use of mobile devices, allowing you to:

  • determine the coordinates of a lost smartphone or tablet;
  • get information about the exact seat of the subscriber;
  • supervise children;
  • follow the movements of the company’s employees;
  • adjust quickly work taxi and courier services.

The only requirement for GPS operation is the availability of specialized software, which is the NetMonitor. Download the app absolutely free from our web resource.

A full study on the mobile device

Net Monitor application is used effectively to find a person by phone number and provides information support directly to the owner of the device. In fact, the user gets a unique mini office in your device, informing him of the following:

  • location of the base stations on the ground with a view of the network and signal strength for each;
  • the presence of a WiFi access point connections;
  • orientation by GPS location.

The application actively uses the Google database and system landscape map.

The function that determines the location by GPS, is visually complemented by the display of the object on the map. Also, there appears GSM location of the structure of the towers and network coverage WiFi. It is possible to export / import of cell sites database, as well as three-dimensional coordinates for Google Earth in KML format.

NetMonitor advantage is that the GPS location of the phone unit is not limited. The possibilities of satellite navigation is used as much as possible, allowing you to fix the position of the previous user, create the route of its movement.

High precision GPS localization with respect to other approaches positioning

Today, satellite navigation – the most accurate way to determine a location. As GPS technology are special trackers having a single function: to inform about the movements of the device owner. Especially effective is the use of childcare services or courier. Occasionally trackers complements telephone.

Such a combination of phone and GPS-module optimally. Awareness is achieved through GPS location of the phone, and there is the possibility to get in touch with the caller. The absence of other features, significantly reduces the price of the device, increasing the time the stock battery.

Alternative ways to determine without GPS location coordinates for the base stations or WiFi access points greatly inferior in accuracy, which immediately drops to a few hundred meters. Today, this approach is reasonable only in two cases: The device has no satellite navigation unit or a low battery level.

Even in these cases, the NetMonitor will help determine the coordinates of the device owner. The algorithm allows the application even improve the accuracy of location of the device using WiFi data network and base station simultaneously.

However, the future will certainly remain for satellite navigation. Analyzing the methods of implementation of GPS-module, it can be assumed that the device will be an integral part of many devices, as well as its software support NetMonitor.