Find Person By Cell Phone

Как найти человека по мобильному телефону

Modern series are often included in the plot situation related in order find a person by phone number. Of course, in real MIA Uryupinsk branch hardly resort to tricks aimed at calculating the coordinates of your smartphone. Police this village are engaged in more mundane matters. However, for the detective, such a possibility – certainly help.

NetMonitor – program to locate phone mobile device will allow any user to become a detective. The application itself can be downloaded directly from our site absolutely free of charge. The latest version is available without registration and has no requirements for sending SMS messages.

Ways to fix the location and their accuracy

It can be described as a modern smartphone, which allows a person to find the mobile phone number and find it on the device itself. Even a change of SIM card particularly does not help, as is binding to the IMEI number of a particular device. The present level of technology, in conjunction with the software allows you to search just specific phone. It remains an open question only error specified coordinates.

The task to find a man on mobile phone, goes into the plane, how accurate would be the solution. It depends on the search method. If you are in the hands of a device that can be used exclusively as a mobile phone, then find the coordinates can only be based on the data base of the mobile operator stations. The error in determining the coordinates will be in such an approach from a couple of hundred meters to a kilometer. This accuracy can only narrow down the search range to a specific town or district in the city.

An additional problem is that the coordinates of the base station are fixed, began to serve the call. However, during a call the subscriber may shift considerably further. More effectively the mobile phone number to find a person in practice, you can use the wireless network. WiFi access points tend to give more precise location than GSM towers. Even less errors can be reached by combining both methods.

However, most accurately, to within a few meters, you can set the phone’s coordinates with the built-in GPS module.

Software support for electronic devices

Naturally, any electronic device and searching directly require software. This not only displays the specific information, but also create a database of object movements.

Tracking a particular mobile phone, find someone location on it, including current and previous coordinates will NetMonitor application. The program has a base location data as GSM towers particular operator and WiFi access points. This will help even in the absence of the GPS module to make the route of movement of a specific SIM card.

NetMonitor prove useful functions such as mapping type network, and the signal level at the base stations. Informative service significantly increases the use of Google maps. There Log Saver function in various file formats: KML for further processing with Google Earth or CLF, which contains information about the location of base stations.

NetMonitor help using a mobile phone, find a person on any of the previously mentioned methods, providing additional search capabilities and excellent imaging results on the map.