Find out where the person is by phone number

Узнать где находится человек по номеру телефона

Question to establish precisely, where people, remained a problem for centuries. Modern technology is practically possible to solve this difficult problem. However, along with the growth of information content, the possibility of fixing the position of the local user of the mobile device causes damage his privacy.

Agree, it’s hard to tell that you are in a meeting or stayed too long at work, knowing that it possible to determine on the phone where the person is, reveals the true situation. Especially if popular NetMonitor application points to a hotel or restaurant, but never to the working office. However, this minor inconvenience, not reduce the positive effect of software localization tools physical coordinates of the mobile device.

NetMonitor – free service network settings

Until recently, smart phones have been deprived of such built-in modules, a GPS or WiFi. Therefore, the only way to specify where the person on the phone number of the smartphone remained binding to the GSM base station. Get the information you need, including a local area code, mobile operator and country allows NetMonitor utility.

In fact, the name of the program determines the essence of its service. The app provides complete information on GSM towers, including how the network type and the level of the stations signal.

Further, the program for determining a location – NetMonitor has a database of the network cells, detailed information on each and also has a list of WiFi access points, capable of displaying them. Recording logs produced in CLF, or KML files.

Thus, to determine the geographic coordinates where the man on the phone, you can, using the nearest base station, WiFi-hotspot, or GPS. The latter method is the most accurate pointing coordinates with an accuracy of a few meters.

Slight negative points eliminates application availability

Today, the program has a number of limitations, which can be removed in a future release. It:

  • Samsung-devices are not always output signal level (specific products);
  • Motorola, LG and Acer, at times contain an empty list of neighbors;
  • Android-systems do not represent frequency channels.

Minor defects are completely compensated the negative way of distributing utilities. Download NetMonitor absolutely free directly from our site. Downloading does not require registration and is held without prescription requests.

From the satellite can not hide

The use of satellite navigation systems: World – GPS and the Russian GLONASS analog, the most efficient and accurate way to calculate the telephone number where the person can now be. Modern technologies of GPS-output modules in the mandatory components of the smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, developed a special GPS-trackers, whose main function – to track the location and movement of the person. For parents, it is an effective way to keep track of the children. Head of the company, these devices offer an easy way to improve information logistics.

Naturally, the GPS-module physical device that requires no software. The latter function perfectly assumes the NetMonitor. The app allows you to save the information where the person is, at certain time intervals, building or adjusting the routes of his movement. On the basis of the program, you can build a base for personnel data, especially companies whose activities are related to the courier.