Search base stations

Поиск базовых станций

The obvious question is, why should the average user search cellular base stations, especially now that the mobile operators provide a stable compound. However, the picture changes dramatically when moving into the countryside or on the outskirts of major cities. The signal strength and coverage area it may be important factors in selecting the operator, such information is useful also for monitoring electronic environment.

The software approach to network monitoring

The most effective search for base stations of cellular networks  performed by software. This saves the user from finding the right web site on the Internet, making the service as quick and comfortable as possible.

An alternative would be the ability to use undeclared functions of mobile devices. Many smartphones network monitoring is carried out on special request: you must enter the specific code. However, the service does not cover all device models.

Therefore, the best solution is to use software such as NetMonitor applications. Among the advantages of this program is necessary to highlight the priority of its cross-platform. Appendix reliably works on systems such as Android, IOS, Symbian and of course Windows.

The following positive factors: search for base stations is available regardless of the manufacturer or model of phone. Certain restrictions associated with specific brand remained, however, work to resolve them, and carried a significant impact on the quality of service they provide. For example, certain Samsung-devices do not always reflect the signal.

Definition of geographical coordinates

Alternatively, NetMonitor – program to locate phone, especially in the absence of the GPS module it. After completing the network monitor, it is easy to determine the base station and the required codes:

  • MCC, the cellular company actions of the country;
  • MNC, the mobile operator;
  • LAC, the local area;
  • CID, the cell ID.

Of course, the definition of a mobile device by the base stations of the local location is not as accurate method, such as GPS, but orient yourself outside of the city it will help.

The maximum information content, supplemented with graphic clarity of perception

As for the service search for base stations of cellular networks, NetMonitor is not limited to their discovery. The following information is given for each station:

  • signal strength;
  • network type;
  • serving mobile operator;
  • other parameters.

Additionally, customized service to a WiFi network monitoring.

Wireless Internet, enjoys no less in demand than mobile telephony. Information such as the location of WiFi access points is extremely important for the user and enters the service NetMonitor.

Clarity, focus on areas with the list of cellular base stations It provides support for Google maps application. All data is accompanied by a graphic display on the map, including the features of the landscape and the building erected. For further clarity of perception define various tables and graphs, such as the time dependence of the signal strength.

Information support is expressed in the regularly updated GPS-based location data stations and WiFi coverage. Allowed to export data to CLF and KML formats for use with other applications such as Google Earth.

Therefore, a user who is about to start search for base stations We recommend NetMonitor right now with your web resource is absolutely free.