How to catch a soul mate on treason?

How to catch a soul mate on treason?

Improving living conditions, raising the social standard of living, unfortunately, does not change the specifics of human communication: conjugal deceptions and the facts of infidelity – are common in our life.

Skilful use of technical capabilities and no fraud

Today there are many options how to catch a wife on treason: to install a bug, a video surveillance camera, but one of the options helps to solve this problem cheaply and efficiently, simply download the NetMonitor utility. It accurately determines the coordinates of the object you are interested in. The essence of the program is not to crack the victim’s smartphone, but to take advantage of the phone features that almost every model is endowed with.

How to catch a wife on treason through the phone is harder to understand if the spouse is using the pioneer version, albeit a very popular manufacturer. Most likely, the program will use the data on the location of towers assigned to the base stations near the victim. However, the calculation accuracy is too low: it is a radius of about one kilometer. If you want to clarify the data will have to either go to the prospective place or look for helpers who will do it for you.

There is another option. The program offers a calendar listing of where the object was at the time interval of interest. If you use the approximation methods, you can immediately determine the extremely accurate coordinates.

Trust, but check - ways to catch in treason

Trust, but check – ways to catch in treason

It would seem that long ago the middle ages were over, when marriages were committed under duress, but this does not cancel out simply reckless deeds or marriage by calculation. These circumstances often cause divorce, the impetus for which were treason.

Trust, but check – advice, which today can embody almost everyone who wants to be caught in the betrayal of his partner. NetMonitor determines the coordinates of the location of a particular device, which allows at any time to check where exactly the object of interest is located.

However, checking the wrong halves is not the only option provided by the program:

Will help control elderly parents who leave the house unexpectedly;
Children who have been coming out of school for a long time;
Employees whom the employer overly trusts.
The program has gained wide popularity due to universal opportunities:

Work with electronic gadgets of different generations;
Data processing from base stations;
WiFi or GPS service;
Synchronization of incoming information.
The software works even if the user has found the ability to replace a unique identifier, disconnect from CB messages, hide his MAC address or even replace navigation maps.

How to convict of treason?

How to convict of treason?

Although it is believed that mobile communication is designed to improve the quality of communication, a person often becomes socially dependent on his electronic device. Programs like anti-collector can protect us from bribe-takers, unknown users, just people from the blacklist. However, it is always necessary to stay in touch with the employees of the company, home, friends.

The appearance of software that determines the coordinates regardless of the device model

Many have become accustomed to this and no longer represent a different life, but for some of the suspicious persons there are excellent prospects for catching a second half in treason. Consider the features of the NetMonitor program.

This work of the utility depends on the settings of the phone, as well as its functionality, it determines the position of the device to the accuracy of square meters. For those who do not know how to convict his wife of treason – this is an excellent chance: to get an accurate answer to the question posed. It’s enough to download and run the application using your own smartphone or Apple. The program on the phone number of the spouse will determine the place of her position. The coordinate data will be more accurate if you have WiFi or GPS installed.

How to hide your phone from the location?

How to hide your phone from the location?

The more active wireless connections develop, the more serious are the problems of confidentiality. Since the person of the most advanced smartphone can be subject to surveillance, both from federal services and simple hackers hacking WiFi connections is quite simple. In addition, mobile operators, providers can also make a hand in spying on the user.

You can hide, but not forever and not from all

The simplest 2G connection allows you to track the coordinates of the object by the location of the base station towers, knowing only the mobile device number or its unique identifier (IMEI).

Special IMSI traps have been developed for phones of international standards, using which the location of the device is determined in a similar way. Hiding from the calculation of your own stay in a certain area is possible only by turning off the phone.

On the other hand, federal services, bribe takers or hackers using the NetMonitor program can obtain information about a person in this way. Therefore, if you are hiding from a jealous wife, and she is not too versed in programming, there’s nothing to worry about.

How does the base station work?

How does the base station work?

The base station consists of a transceiver, an antenna, one or more installed on a special tower, as well as auxiliary equipment. But this of course, the simplest version of how the cellular communication is organized, and with it other types of wireless connection.

Base stations: what are and how they work

There are many ways to implement such BSs. And the description of some of them resembles the equipment of James Bond from the movie about the famous spy. So, a simple small case can quite contain inside everything necessary for the work of a small office, such base stations are called: femtocells, picocells. Their main purpose is to improve the quality of communication at specific points. The work of such cases can be used to improve the quality of communication between border zones, places where the operator is unstable, but it is not advisable to attract more serious resources.

More classically, the base station represents a small box with special equipment, where one or several towers with antennas are installed side by side (the latter can also be installed on roofs, walls of houses, hiding in the crown of trees, etc.).

Узнать где находится человек по номеру телефона

Find out where the person is by phone number

Question to establish precisely, where people , remained a problem for centuries. Modern technology is practically possible to solve this difficult problem. However, along with the growth of information content, the possibility of fixing the position of the local user of the mobile device causes damage his privacy.

Agree, it’s hard to tell that you are in a meeting or stayed too long at work, knowing that it possible to determine on the phone, where the person, reveals the true situation. Especially if popular NetMonitor application points to a hotel or restaurant, but never to the working office. However, this minor inconvenience, not reduce the positive effect of software localization tools physical coordinates of the mobile device.

NetMonitor – free service network settings

Until recently, smart phones have been deprived of such built-in modules, a GPS or WiFi. Therefore, the only way to specify where the person on the phone number of the smartphone remained binding to the GSM base station. Get the information you need, including a local area code, mobile operator and country allows NetMonitor utility.

In fact, the name of the program determines the essence of its service. The app provides complete information on GSM towers, including how the network type and the level of the stations signal.

Further, the program for determining a location – NetMonitor has a database of the network cells, detailed information on each and also has a list of WiFi access points, capable of displaying them. Recording logs produced in CLF, or KML files.

Программа для определения местоположения

The program for determining the location

Any electronic device requires software support, to provide a single bond between him and the user. Besides smartphone equipped with GPS-module, it is required to locate the program to transfer the data of satellite navigation person.

Selection software

Determine which utility to use is not just for a particular purpose. A variety of software on the internet, sometimes puts the user into a dead end, forcing dozens to try applications before settling on one particular.
GPS Utility supports a protocol on the basis of which can be precisely locating the program on your smartphone number, its owner. In this case, the error geographical coordinates can not be more than 5 meters.

Informative interface is not accompanied by excessive congestion

Working with NetMonitor, the user has the option to display the requested information as text data, tables, graphs. For better orientation in the area, the output of base stations of cellular networks, as well as WiFi wireless internet access points, made on the local map.

Using Google, as a cartographer, a map does most informative, with details of the landscape, as well as the exact location of important buildings, up to the houses. This mapping ensures that the phone’s location to determine the program will not only position, but also help to choose the best route to the subscriber.

Программа местоположения мобильного телефона

Mobile phone location program

One of the commonplaces of conversation phrases on the phone is likely to be irrelevant in the near future. It is about the expression “Where are you?”, Which has already been successfully replaces the program locating the mobile phone number.

The idea of ​​the geographical localization of the subscriber, appeared almost simultaneously with the mobile phones. However, its actual implementation initially prevented the weak development of the network: poor coverage, concentrated near the big cities and administrative centers, and as a result, an insufficient number of communication towers.

Localization service subscriber in the space of a blessing or a violation of privacy rights

Undoubtedly, the question is more categorical. However, there are reasons. Today, find a person by cell phone is difficult only at the poles: Arctic Antarctica and large deserts. But even there stretches its tentacles satellite navigation. The GPS system is supported by the software package NetMonitor, – at the same time man’s best friend and the enemy of his privacy.

Even to sit quietly in a fish off, having covered jobs involving all hands at work, is no longer possible – the program will give the mobile phone’s location by all means. Disabling the device will cause suspicion. Therefore, NetMonitor downloading from our website absolutely free of charge, it is worth considering that your privacy is threatened.

Как найти человека по мобильному телефону

Find Person By Cell Phone

Modern series are often included in the plot situation related in order to find the location of a person on a cell phone. Of course, in real MIA Uryupinsk branch hardly resort to tricks aimed at calculating the coordinates of your smartphone. Police this village are engaged in more mundane matters. However, for the detective, such a possibility – certainly help.

NetMonitor – program to locate phone mobile device will allow any user to become a detective. The application itself can be downloaded directly from our site absolutely free of charge. The latest version is available without registration and has no requirements for sending SMS messages.

Ways to fix the location and their accuracy

It can be described as a modern smartphone, which allows a person to find the mobile phone number and find it on the device itself. Even a change of SIM card particularly does not help, as is binding to the IMEI number of a particular device. The present level of technology, in conjunction with the software allows you to search just specific phone. It remains an open question only error specified coordinates.

Местоположение по GPS

GPS location

Satellite navigation has entered quickly into the modern human life. Most recently serving as routers in vehicles, GPS modules are quickly migrated to mobile devices. The main reason for this – high precision, determine the GPS location can be an error of several meters.
This opens up new perspectives in the use of mobile devices.
The only requirement for GPS operation is the availability of specialized software, which is the NetMonitor. Download the app absolutely free from our web resource.
The application actively uses the Google database and system landscape map.

The function that determines the location by GPS, is visually complemented by the display of the object on the map. Also, there appears GSM location of the structure of the towers and network coverage WiFi. It is possible to export / import of cell sites database, as well as three-dimensional coordinates for Google Earth in KML format.