How to determine the location of the phone

Как определить местоположение телефона

Previously used to determine the location of the natural objects, such as stars. The process required a certain amount of knowledge, and in other words a clear mind and palate. Modern technologies offer an alternative solution that works regardless of the current state of the cloud.

Today, a man does all specialized program of mobile phone location. The result of its operation can give remarkable accuracy up to several meters, depending on the method of fixing the geographical coordinates of the mobile user device.


The main methods of calculating the coordinates of your smartphone

To date, four methods can distinguish time, how to determine the location of the phone, with varying degrees of accuracy:

  • at the base station of the mobile operator;
  • CB-based messages;
  • according to a WiFi network location;
  • GPS data based on satellite navigation system.

A key requirement of the last two points is the availability of appropriate modules in your phone.

Finding a cell identifier

However, even simple models of mobile devices allow determine the location by number subscriber. This approach is based on the use of local coordinates of the base station transceiver which serves the phone with the specified number. The error of this method is a few hundred meters and requires the installation of special applications.

It is this parameter – CellID, allow determine the location the owner of the mobile device without WiFi and GPS modules. In addition it is necessary to know the following codes:

  • the country where the company provides cellular services – Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • mobile operator – MNC;
  • local area –

The last parameter is set of base stations served by a single controller. This set of data and displays information about the phone’s location to a specific SIM-card. To collect the required parameters NetMonitor application is used effectively.

In addition to these functions, the software monitors the GCM / CDMA networks, giving the base along with the coordinates and the neighboring cells, information on the signal level on each of the stations.

Attract wireless internet and satellite navigation

Alternatively, to determine the location number can be used for local access to the WiFi network. This method is also characterized by high precision, requires a wireless Internet in a particular area, and also has a number of controversial issues. One of them – the best match of MAC addresses of routers in different points of the metropolis. In this case the situation is allowed to connect an additional towers GCM-coordinates.

The whole complex of these activities how to determine the location of the phone WiFi is also performed on the program Net Monitor. When the mobile device enters the range of action of the various wireless networks, a list of their application sets, as well as signal strength. On the basis of this information tool and calculates the coordinates of the local smartphone users.
However, the most accurately determine the location up to a few meters, allows satellite navigation. The drawbacks of the method are only two:

  • It requires the presence of GSM-module;
  • high battery consumption.

Both minor minus. Firstly, manufacturers of modern smart phones imply embedded GSM, as an integral part of the mobile device. The second aspect – the owners of mobile phones on any mercilessly thrown battery life in music, games and social networks.

Regardless of the method how to determine the location of the phone, It is a means to achieve the same task – the program Net Monitor. Download it free of charge from our site, the user receives all the available technologies for the localization of the mobile device coordinates.